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Animal Welfare

The Castro Valley/Hayward region has supported their hometown rodeo for almost 100 years. For the not-for-profit Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo it’s about preserving their Western Heritage, the trusted legacy of Harry and Maggie Rowell and giving back to their community. One of the most popular sports in America the annual event is a chance for cowboys and cowgirls to compete in the activities they do every day on working ranches in the area and across America. Great care is taken to protect the livestock at the professionally sanctioned rodeo where the strict animal welfare guidelines of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association must be followed.

The Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo is committed to the safety and health of all livestock involved in the rodeo. There are more than 70 rules governing all aspects of livestock care and handling at PRCA rodeos including the equipment used, the time allowed for competition and the condition of the facilities. These rules were born from a partnership with the competitors and stock contractors who own the animals and in consultation with knowledgeable veterinarians who understand the various events. Everyone shares the desire to provide for all animals to ensure only healthy, well-cared-for animals participate in PRCA rodeos. “The PRCA sets the standard for humane care of rodeo animal athletes,” said Dr. Jennifer Schleining, an Ames, IA, equine veterinarian, about the PRCA. PRCA rules require a veterinarian to be onsite for all competition, which allows the PRCA to call on these independent experts to help report the condition of the livestock and be the basis for the livestock welfare program.

The Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo has been made aware of accusations by animal rights activists who have concerns about how animals were managed at the 2019 event. The rodeo committee observed all animal welfare laws and regulations during the rodeo and no animals were injured as may have been insinuated.

Visit to learn more about rodeo animal care. If you would like more information about Rowell Ranch Rodeo specifically, please contact us at

We would like to thank everyone for caring as much about the health and welfare of our animals as we do!

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