Animal Welfare


The Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo is committed to the health and safety of all livestock involved in the rodeo. There are more than 60 rules governing all aspects of the livestock care and handling that must be followed at PRCA rodeos including the equipment used, the time allowed for competition and the condition of the facilities. These rules were born from a partnership with the competitors and stock contractors who own the animals and in consultations with knowledgeable rodeo veterinarians.

Everyone shares the desire to provide for all animals to ensure only healthy, well-cared-for animals participate in PRCA rodeos. “The PRCA sets the standard for humane care of rodeo animal athletes,” said Dr. Jennifer Schleining, an Ames, IA, equine veterinarian, about the PRCA.

PRCA rules require a veterinarian to be onsite for all competition. The governing body of the sport of rodeo relies upon these independent experts to help report the condition of the livestock and be the basis for animal welfare efforts. The Rowell Ranch Rodeo also falls under the jurisdiction of Alameda County Animal Control.

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