About Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo 


First hosted by Harry Rowell, “The Rodeo King of the West” over 100 years ago, the Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo (RRR) has provided our community with the opportunity to experience the historical sport of rodeo.


Today the Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo Committee, a local, non-profit organization continues the passion of the late Harry Rowell in maintaining the tradition of hosting our rodeo( every year  in May) and other associated events. 


In our goal to keep the liveliness of rodeo strong in our community, the Rowell Ranch Rodeo is seeking the assistance of individuals who are interested in gaining work experience, skill refinement, exploring a new career path in event management/ other related areas, or network with a variety of professionals  from around our community. 


If interested, check out some of our internship opportunities below. Please fill out the intake form and someone will be sure to reach out soon. 



Currently Open Internship Opportunities 

Intern Information


(Example- Lions Club, RRR Jr. Rodeo, Boy Scouts)