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The Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo Committee is celebrating their 100th year.  While it has not been the centennial year any of us hoped for, we continue the celebration of our history and longstanding legacy of giving back to the community.  A history that began when Harry and Maggie Rowell wanted to make sure future generations always have an opportunity to experience the same American rodeo traditions begun in 1921. 


We are proud to salute the frontline workers who are helping us navigate a time like no other.  From COVID19 to wildfires, the past year has been full of many challenges, yet we remain optimistic for what lies ahead.


As always, the health and safety of our community, fans, sponsors, volunteers, and rodeo family remains our top priority.  We are working closely with the Hayward Area Recreation District and the County of Alameda to plan rodeo events celebrating our centennial.  At this time, we are delaying the sale of tickets and postponing the annual Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo until there is greater clarity on what the current pandemic will allow.  We will continue to send out additional information as it becomes available. 


The Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo Committee continues to work to preserve history while embracing the future and ensuring generations to come in our community enjoy watching their hometown rodeo.   


Thank you for being a loyal supporter and fan of the Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo.  We pray for the health and safety of our community and look forward to the promise of the year ahead. 

We’ll be in touch as soon as more details become available.




Russ Fields, President

Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo

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